Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I almost have this blogging address thing down.  Have not been able to access and blog this past month.  Good timing, though.  I am almost finished with my completed first draft of "Icing, Locusts & Life." 

Hope to get it to the publishers within next couple of weeks.  Want to get general review completed first, so that my best effort hits the publisher's desk.

I am in the process of updating  my front page of the web site to allow me to insert segments of the book, as well as inspirational and helpful articles/quotes/information as I come on them.

I will begin adding information every few days from now on.  Tell your friends and family about my site.  Lots of "stuff" going on that I will post on this site.  Follow me on Facebook also and get a more personal  look at what I read, enjoy and am willing to fight for.