Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The Word Asylum is the Online home of author, educator and speaker Rhonda L. Walker;
Rhonda possesses the unique ability to write in a variety of different styles for a range of audiences: from the youngest children who are just discovering books and reading, to sage adults who can share in Rhonda’s reflections on life.  She can be inspiring and imaginative, which she displays with her delightful children’s books that help young readers develop a love for books, and which make it fun for parents to read to their children.  She can also be poignant and honest, sharing her personal challenges and those of others. Rhonda is also often laugh-out-loud funny, which she highlights with her blog posts and her soon-to-be published new book of essays on growing up (not growing old).  Most intriguingly, Rhonda has the talent to be all of these things as one passionate author -- sometimes in the same paragraph.

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