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Rhonda possesses the unique ability to write in a variety of different styles for a range of audiences: from the youngest children who are just discovering books and reading, to sage adults who can share in Rhonda’s reflections on life.  She can be inspiring and imaginative, which she displays with her delightful children’s books that help young readers develop a love for books, and which make it fun for parents to read to their children.  She can also be poignant and honest, sharing her personal challenges and those of others. Rhonda is also often laugh-out-loud funny, Most intriguingly, Rhonda has the talent to be all of these things as one passionate author -- sometimes in the same paragraph.


It is challenging, fantastic, miracle filled, and troubled -- sometimes all at once. There are memories of the blessings of family and friends, successes and failure. I live daily in grateful awareness for a God who provides abundant blessings, especially during times of embarrassing failures. 
I discovered my passion for reading early in life (right after the ark anchored on a mountain top.) In 1979, when my daughters were young, I returned to college. There, English and Education professors taught me some needed writing basics and opened the door to children’s thinking. I first began writing for myself in 1975, and, by the time I entered college, my style was already developed. God blessed me with a passion for reading, the love of writing, and whatever ability I possess.
With training, skills, and God’s help, I fulfilled a long-held dream of writing stories for young readers. Several years ago, two of my grammar stories were published in a Scott Foresman textbook for first graders, and plans are underway to put those stories and others into a grammar-series book. I write stories to encourage enjoyment and learning through reading. I
"Wesley Out West" was just released (October 2015).  Put it on your "Must Have" list for the young read-aloud loved ones.   It is a fun, educational read-aloud story for ages 2-6, with fun facts and a parent/teacher addendum at the back.

My first adult book, “Beyond the Shadows is Tomorrow: Stories of Women of Faith,” published in 2013. 
I spent two years interviewing strong women of faith who somehow endured tremendous sorrow, trials and disappointments, only to somehow grow into towers of strength and symbols of excellence symbolizing Proverbs 31. The stories are wonderful, and I received great reviews and feedback from those reading the stories of  these women of God.  See the  "Publications" section for ordering information on this timeless pearl.

“God Is. .” is a young-children’s read-aloud picture book. It is a cherished project for me, and I hope to have it published in 2016 also.

My own story, as well as memories and wisdom from many others, are all presented in "Icing, Locusts and Life." My personal goal for release is early-2016. I share my story in the hope that at least one person can profit from the blessings I received in life, as well as from the many life lessons learned through failures and weakness of my person and soul. I open my personal failures and celebrations I continue to be told others need to hear my story and because, if it brings hope and encouragement to even one hurting soul, I will have succeeded and God's work will have been done. It is in His hands. 

My journey into adult fiction began in 2014. I came to know Lucinda in a series of dreams. She was but a lovely young child in the first one, but the second and third dreams opened the door, and her life unfolds to you in “Lucinda, My Dear.” We anticipate release of her story sometime in 2016.
  Keep watch on the website for future releases I have a lot of stories in the beginning stage, so check in often to see children’s, inspirational and fiction stories coming to you in the months ahead. If you blog on my site, you will see my publication updates.
I live in Texas, and am available for children’s group/school/special events readings and signings. My husband and I sneak off on weekends to our small house on an East Texas lake, making it easy to travel anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth/North-East Texas area. However, I love traveling and am open to meeting just about anywhere.
I also speak to audiences groups regarding my own life experiences, some of which are referenced in "Icing, Locusts & Life." I would love to hear from you. My blog is accessible on this website, and I encourage feedback. I also use the blog to comment on things of interest and worth, and occasionally on things of not-so-much value. I am interested in receiving suggestions on different places my children’s characters might travel, and feedback on their value to your children. Don’t be shy. Blog away. Thanks.


“When I write, I draw from my own experiences. That makes me brutally honest, and with the way things have been in my life, that honesty may put a lump in your throat or make you snicker with glee, in realization that you’ve been there too.”

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