Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Life-My Girls
The longer God allows me to live,
Ever more mistakes I see,
Not one, but a lifetime of many,
Each directed by no one but me.

Yet, looking at all those dark days,
A few bright lights shine through,
The brightest being God’s gifts,
As I treasured the time shared with you.

Watching you grow in spirit and grace,
Getting stronger as years came and went,
Knowing without ever a doubt,
From God, to me, you were sent.

Just having you with me, brightening my life,
Through good days and in darkest nights,
Gave me faith to believe that in my own, small way,
I somehow managed to do some things right.

Else, why would God lend me souls so unique,
To love and His purpose fulfill,
A gift I gratefully opened with love,
And taught you to follow God’s will. 

Children learn best by example,
Whether righteous or not, so they say,
And, those who know will tell you the truth,
I’ve taught those lessons well, both ways.

But, you had the wisdom to use them for good,
Taking the grain and leaving the chaff,
I thank God every day, Satan did not prevail,
Knowing that God’s grace will have the last laugh.

The day God shares that last laugh with me,      
You can laugh that He’s lifted my weight,
For I’ll be singing with all of God’s angels,
And waiting for you at His gate.