Thursday, October 2, 2014

Finally able to get this show on the road! Excited to share thoughts, books, ideas and blessings with everyone

As in most "planned" things in my life, getting this website and my blogging up and running away with excitement has hit roadblocks.  Thankfully, God, and not my own strength, has seen me through the latest episode of "Rhonda's Not Like You'd Like It Life."

Just as I was preparing to begin daily blogging, my laptop crashed.  So, I had to go computer shopping.  Does the phrase "wicked confusion with as-yet-to-be-felt consequences" mean anything to anyone?  It does to me.  I had to tred the minefield of computer brands, services, browsers, features and prices. All the time, hoping I was making the right decision.  Hoping, because I absolutely refuse to go through this madness again!   It has taken me almost 3 weeks to finally get my latest (and assuredly the greatest) laptop purchased, processed, downloaded, transferred, registered, etc.  God bless the IT people of the world.  They actually live on a planet I cannot begin to reach with my mind.

In the midst of this unexpected activity, I had foot surgery.  No problem, I thought.   A couple of days with my foot on top of multiple pillows, and I'm up and going again.   NOT! Today is the first day of pain-free, almost-normal walking.  I will continue to wear this gorgeous blue boot for another 3-4 weeks.   But, I'm blessed that the surgery went well and, sometime before Christmas, I will once again wear actual shoes that cover my toes and protect against cold, wind, rain and snow.  (Well, probably not rain and snow.  Texas is in a prolonged ultra drought and we just finished North Texas'  longest September in history without rain.)

Then, the day before surgery, a guy decides to let the dog just brought from the groomer sit in the driver's seat as he pulls out from a parking space -- directly into the driver's side of my car.  It will eventually cost his insurance company $4,000 for repairs, when he finally admits to being at fault.  I wasn't hurt at all, but my first thought was, "things happen in groups of 3, so this should take care of it."    Thankfully, God sheltered me, so I was not hurt at all.  One foot further back, and it would have been a straight driver's side t-bone.

All of this is a reminder to me that God's plans do not always coincide with my carefully planned schedules.  I'm here, the computer is going to be great when I learn to use Windows 8.1, and I only lost 3 weeks.   I'm blessed!  Hope your last few weeks were blessed also.   Later.

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