Monday, October 6, 2014


Titles. We are all burdened with them. We are the manager, college grad, or doctor. It is important, however, to remember that titles are merely functions. They represent others’ expectations for you, and are not who you are.

To truly know yourself, you and others must look beyond expectations, to your physical and emotional health. It says much about your identify. Like a bakery cake, you are a combination of many ingredients: things that happen to and around you, current and past projects and events, the balcony people who support you, and the basement people who do not.

These ingredients, when blended, create your “cake.” They establish the uniqueness that is the essential “you.”

However, one final touch is necessary but often neglected, before being ready for “show and tell.” Both the bakery cake and your cake need decoration to make them appealing and attractive to others. What is that final touch that will draw others to that cake, and you? Icing, of course!

Your daily actions and thoughts (the icing), whether bright or dark, help determine not only your emotional and mental health, but also influences others’ desire to draw closer to you.

If you get out of bed in the morning in a gloomy mood, and drag a blanket of dark emotional icing with you, it affects both your physical health, and others’ thoughts of you throughout the day.

Just by rising each morning, gazing outdoors, and finding something for which to be thankful, that healthy thought creates a light layer of icing. By acknowledging the possibilities of a sunshiny day (even when it is rainy and cold,) you will feel warmer and more vital. In turn, others will feed off that warmth.

During the day, if you recognize a draping of dark icing hanging over your head, what then? Simply step into the kitchen of your mind, scrape the dark icing into the trash, think of something worthy of thankfulness, and step out of the kitchen to share the brighter icing of your renewed attitude.

The day is yours to choose.
What color is your icing?