Monday, October 27, 2014

Another beautiful day

I can hardly believe this is Halloween week, the last week in October.  The temp last week, and again today, will be in the 80's, for heaven's sake! I should be huddling in sweaters in the evening and wearing warm sweats. Of course, I have those available--because I ALREADY PACKED AWAY MY SUMMER STUFF.  I did that  3 weeks ago, when, for a short time, it did feel like autumn.  Time to change seasonal clothing. Temp in the 70's and 60's at night.  Perfect   fall weather.  My bad.

But, it is going to be a beautiful day.

My writing has come alive again, with "Lucinda" sharing her story, and "Willie Out West" hitting the streets  in a catalogue.  My illustrator is working on "Nibbles: a Desert Mouse," and it should be ready for printing by end of November. Yea!

November is going to be a great month.

Still looking for an artist to illustrate "God Is . . .." The first high school art dept I contacted did not return the message, so on to another option. Anyone know a good artist who can create light, child-like illustrations for this children's book? I'm looking for just the right  touch to these read-aloud stories for very young children.

And, it is great to have the story ready for illustration and printing.

Ebola is still in the US, and apparently spreading, as is ISIS.   Very sad and concerning.

But,  it will still be a great day, a great month, and a wonderful period of growth.  WHY,  you ask?

Because God is at the controls of the ships of our lifes.  He knows my time, and where I need to be. He will not allow evil and death to prevail.  He does not create death, disappointment and destruction. But he will use those terrible things to bring great victories for Him, in His time.  He could strike
ISIS in their tracks, as He did in the Old Testament.  But, it is not their time to die, yet.  It will come.

And pessimistic forecasters of the doom of our globe because of global warming are wasting their time. Apparently, they made a few miscalculations.  But, it doesn't matter.  God decides what warms and cools.  It is in His hands, not global prognosticators.

My hopes for Willie grow by the day, not because I will it to be so. But, because I continue not to give up, and it is paying off. But most of all because, in the past, it wasn't in my best interests, or in God's plans for me.  It wasn't His time, so it could not have been good timing for me. Hopefully, it is now that time, as I'm getting good reviews and am excited about being featured in a book catalog.  We are at last ready to reprint, using our own logo. But, it is still in God's hands. I work, and He helps me succeed.

Each day is icing in my cake of life.  I choose to make that icing white and positive, to cheer myself and help others have a brighter day. It is my choice each morning when I awake.

What color is your icing?