Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Hope, same person trying to do better

It may be raining outside your window, as it is mine, but what a beautiful day God has given us to begin a new year. We all still have the same old habits, look at the same person in the mirror each morning, and will still make New Year's resolutions we won't keep.

That is a given.  The one thing that can truly change this year for me is my attitude and service to God and others. I have the gift of yet one more day, and am promised no more.  However, how I approach each day in this year is entirely up to me. It can be a day covered with white icing when it is dark and stormy outside. Or, I can allow myself to be covered with a coat of dark icing, which blocks the possibilities and sunshine given to me for enrichment by God.

This year, it is important for me to improve my attitude toward myself and others; to give each day over to the Lord for handling; to love those who sometimes appear unlovable; to believe in myself more deeply so that I may utilize the gifts with which He has favored me; and to pray more deeply and diligently each day than I have in the past.   These are not new year's resolutions. They are simple expectations of God for me, as His child.

Each day is icing on the cake of my life. Today it is white. Tomorrow it is whatever I choose it to be.

What color is your icing?

Be blessed     Rhonda