Thursday, May 7, 2015

A World Religious Leader Speaks Out

A World Religious Leader Speaks Out

Franklin Graham recently addressed a rapidly-darkening cloud on the horizon of our society. Below is a portion of his comments from a recent Decision Magazine article.

"The goal is to eliminate Judeo-Christianity from the public square and force faithful, orthodox Christians and Jews to not object to that which violates their faith or, if they do, to be punished. We have not yet experienced the level of actual physical persecution and violence that followers of Christ endure in other parts of the world, but I certainly believe that Christians will increasingly be forced to choose between rendering obedience to God or Caesar. We may face the threat of fines—like the Christian florist in the state of Washington who refused to provide services for a gay wedding and is now in danger of losing her business and home.  Standing firm on our biblical convictions [regardless of the subject matter] could one day even lead to incarceration.

I don’t think there is any doubt that our country has forgotten and forsaken God. We reject the authority of His Word. We refuse to love the truth, and instead we pursue evil. We prefer the deeds of darkness over light.”

Rev. Graham urged Christians to speak out everywhere and at every opportunity. Not to be radical and throw it in the faces of those with whom we disagree, but because we still have the right to stand for our own Biblical principles. As he reminds us “Christians still can be salt and light.”May it ever be so.

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