Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Common Fear

I am afraid. Not of ill health, death, or taxes. That, I am at peace with. My fear is for our country, and the path it seems to be taking that history tells us leads to the destruction of our society and the downfall of our country.

I am fearful our young people do not understand what us "old birds" see happening to our country. This is not meant as a lecture. I simply feel compelled to share the growing, common concern that is daily sending many “always-positive” people to their knees in fear and prayer. I speak not of radical, throw-it-in-your-face individuals, who answer to God for their agendas.  Rather, I speak of strong, loving, Christian soldiers who instilled right from wrong into the fabric of the children we mentored while going about our daily lives in peace with others. Christians who believe that most people try hard to be good.  These Christians do not, however, believe that people will all eventually change and everything will work out as it has since our nation was founded.  Throughout history, from the days of Moses, when the moral majority becomes weak, they soon become the moral minority.

These Christians do not appear among us with perpetually sad faces, wearing sack cloth and ashes, and drawing insulting cartoons of those we disagree with. Instead, these Christians believe that, until our political leaders are made aware by their voting constituents that their jobs are on the line, and begin to change the path our country now treads, we will continue to go morally and spiritually downhill. 
Increasingly, laws protecting our rights to stand strong are being overruled by those who believe our values are outdated and need to change.  Humans are rewriting what our Constitution (with God mentioned prominently throughout) put into place. Christians are being marginalized in their ability to live and talk openly without censure.  It is in the news every day.  You cannot just ignore it. If we do not individually stand up for, and demand that our religious leaders stand up for, our rights as Christians, I believe God will allow our country to fall.

Yes, our religious leaders have let us down.  But, we cannot expect them to carry the entire load, and they aren’t perfect either. Every Christian must remain diligent in his/her efforts to stand for truth.  This kind of godlessness cannot just be loved into obedience. Such godlessness destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It wasn’t the incest and homosexuality. It was the pride behind the sin that refuses to accept that they might be missing God’s light.

And I am
not saying we should stand on the street corner and condemn lesbians/gay .  Showing love without giving their decisions priority in our lives is godly.  What is happening in America is a slide into “anything is okay. And, if you don’t give me what I want, you are wrong and will be punished.”   I have friends whose children have partners. Only God can respond to moral equivalency in terms of judgment.  While the Bible does not teach we can turn them away, neither can Christians turn the other way and deny what the Bible teaches. Yet, this weakness is being displayed every day in our country.

God will judge each of us for our individual actions.  That includes lesbians/alcoholic/abusers/murderers, etc.   But, when when our moral compasses differ, and others' decisions give them self-appointed authority to tell me it is my responsibility to ignore my beliefs and bow down in deference to their beliefs, God says I cannot do it. This bowing down is where those of us who have been around for a long time see an increasing danger. Christianity is not just a social gospel, as proffered by many sincere, smiling religious speakers today.  There are beliefs Christians must stand up against, or we will fail in our duty to uphold the morals and values God teaches in His word of authority, the Bible.

Hillary stood up last week and said that it is time Christianity lightened up on our archaic standards and change our focus. I don’t think so!  And, this is the person who may well be leading our country in 2 years. And, Michelle Obama is one of the leaders of the effort to take over the spiritual and physical responsibility that has always been our right and duty to God. The leaders Obama has put into place serve under the same flag we do, and many in high places will not leave when the Obama administration changes.  Or country's current weakness increasingly runs throughout state and local government, and is holding many in Congress captive to the greed and self-centeredness of elected officials, who are more concerned with staying in power by pleasing the majority. The majority has rarely been right in history, especially during the last days of their leadership.  In our country, the Moral Majority is no longer the majority. Christians are now the minority, just as in Bible days.
Just as Israel was led into captivity when they, and their leaders, failed to uphold God’s standards, so this could also happen to us.

Just be watchful.  Good does not always triumph, and will not until Christ returns. The Bible’s history proves that.  We, as Americans, are no exception to that rule. Stay happy. Be happy.  I am at peace with my life and love those I meet, and the souls of those who disagree with my beliefs.  But, I just cannot assume someone else (our leaders) will take care of the moral compass, which is turning wildly away from the Savior’s Star.  The religious leaders are failing, also, which is even more of a threat than Obama, Hillary or other non-religious leaders.

And, as Forest said “And, that’s all I have to say about that.” 

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